Various Illustrations for Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Monte Vista Sandhill Crane Festival

Illustration/animation created for the promotion of the Monte Vista Crane Festival, after creating the illustration and animation a couple of stickers were created to be handed out at the event. Over the span of a weekend, I handed out stickers and interp’d with the public, discussing migration habits, and interesting facts.

Lamar Snow Goose Festival

Illustration/animation of Snow Goose Festival created for promotional material for this event. Created using Procrete.

Fishery Brochure for Kids

Illustration and design for activity brochure, development of educational content, main panel coloring page and layout.

Beaks as Tools

Illustration for educational digital posts, research, and development of materials. These illustration series compare the variety of bird beak adaptations and common everyday use. This series was created to promote education and observation of birds and utilize it as a way to engage social media audiences.

Bighorn Sheep

This bighorn sheep illustration was created to promote the George Town Bighorn Sheep Festival along with creating the initial illustration to create awareness for keeping distance and respecting wildlife while viewing wildlife. The illustration evolved into a promotional sticker with two messages, “Don’t be a butthead, give them space” and “Distance is your friend”.

Bear Awareness

Awareness social media material with infograph data to promote educational content, the data helps the audience understand the importance of keeping food away from bears while they are getting ready for hibernation.

Various Riparia Illustrations

Various wildlife and biology are found in riparian zones, these illustrations were used for the educational department under Colorado Park and Wildlife.

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