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My illustration style varies from project to project it sometimes is clean and graphic to tactile and hand made to actual work created in a traditional analog way. I am inspired by books, movies, beer, music, culture, and currently, nature, my latest illustration called LNT(Leave No Trace) Awareness project is a combination of outdoor lifestyle illustration used to communicate with outdoor visitors in order to change their behavior and to follow the Leave No Trace principles in the outdoors.

Illustration Projects

Leave No Trace Awareness Illustration

This project came about while going back to school and learning about Leave No Trace Principle, along with a passion and love for nature, these new ideas of how to maintain the outdoors pristine and unblemished while still being able to enjoy it to the fullest. There are seven total illustrations ranging from different topics all with important context to follow if you experience the outdoors.

Tribute Illustrations

I gave myself the challenge to create illustrations inspired by books I have been reading, so far I have created illustrations for many genres including horror, mystery, thrillers, and science. The style and composition vary from illustration to illustration giving me a good foundation for practicing my illustration style. Along with the illustrations, all the typography and lettering is done by me.

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