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Art Director/Designer, Artist, Husband, Curious Problem Solver Imported from Mexico. With a healthy obsession for brand experience. I geek-out over everything design, behavioral change, and guerrilla tactics.

I’m efficiently creative, always solution-oriented, and very hard working. I have seen a lot but there is always more to learn. I have 10 years of agency experience and at each agency, I have been an integral part of the creative process at every level, including leading creative, concepting, art direction, and campaign roll-out. From each professional experience, I have developed very specific skills. My areas of expertise include digital (web, app design, online presence), print (ads, out-of-home campaigns), and branding (naming, identity development, branding collateral, brand experience). 

Work Experience

May 2015–April 2020
Designer + Art Director | Cohn Marketing

Developed branding, identity marks, collateral, both off-screen and digital, along with full advertising campaigns from concepting to production roll-out, for diverse industry clients. 

Skills: Design confidence and maturity, efficiency, total team collaboration, love for mentorship, brand identity and brand development, behavioral change campaigns. 

Client List: City of Black Hawk, CDOT, Serramonte Mall, Wood Development, Lerch Bates, Urban Villages, Functional Remedies, The Clinic, Seed and Smith Dispensary, Condit, Five Points Development, One Daytona Development, Downtown Superior, Galleria Dallas and Visit Aurora.

July 2014–April 2015
Sr. Art Director | XL Edge

Developed communication collateral, and branding with focus on diverse audience for larger retail brands.

Skills: Resourcefulness, rapid design execution, delegation, working lean and fast. First real role as a design leader, (not successfully, but learned a lot about empathy and teamwork).

Client List: Kroger, Food4Less, Kings Soopers, Ralph’s, Jägermeister, Comfort Baby, Laura’s Lean Foods.

April 2011–July 2014
Jr. Art Director + Art Director | Heinrich Hispanidad

Developed behavioral change campaigns and branding focused on diverse audience and general market clients.

Skills: Leadership, First real agency job, split my time between creating campaigns, mostly for behavioral change clients in the Hispanic/Native American sector with a copywriter and account supervisor. In the general market lots of branding and b2b campaigns.

Client List: CDOT, Wells Fargo, Kroger, Hilton, IMA Financial, Merrick Bank, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, PostNet, Humana, WYDOT, Slammer Baseball Clinic.

January 2011–April 2011
Design Intern | Sukle

Skills: Full immersion into a creative environment, creative concepting, working with a copywriter, team ideation, conceptual approach, non-traditional tactics and executions.

Client List: Denver Water, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Good Times Burger


December 2010
Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD)
Denver, CO
Bachelors in Communications Design

May 2006
Amarillo Community College
Amarillo, TX
Associates of Applied Science in Graphic Design

Design for Good  |  Sewing  |  Pies  |  Plein air painting  |  Disc Golf  |  CafeRacer Motorcycles  |  Everything Nature  |  Mountain Biking  |  Random Knowledge/Documentaries  |  True Crime  |  B-Movie Horror  |  Music from the 2000s  |  Classic Adidas Allstars  |  Everything Design

Mentoring  |  Fluent in Spanish  |  Leadership  |  Research + Development  |  Experiential Activation  |  Behavioral Change  |  Concept + Tactics  |  Information Architecture  |  User Interface Design  |  Visual, Verbal, Written Communication  |  Research  |  Copywriting  |  Web Design  |  Cultural Research  |  Paper + Pencil  |  Adobe Creative Suite  |  Microsoft  |  Google Products

Areas of Experience

  • Retail
  • Financial
  • Health Care
  • Government

  • Travel/Destination
  • Automotive
  • Behavioral Change
  • Restaurants

  • Sustainable Industries
  • Sports
  • Investment
  • Health and Wellness

  • Cannabis
  • Publishing
  • Industrial Manfucaturing
  • Real Estate

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