My Reading + Illustration Challenge (ongoing)

I have given myself a challenge of reading 40 books this year, and created some illustration based on those books a “tribute illustration”. This is a way to get better and more comfortable using Procreate.

Baby Teeth Tribute Illustration

Tribute illustration for “Baby Teeth” an awesomely creepy book by Zoje Stage. Dark thoughts from a smart and creepy child, this illustration was a struggle, I love the book, therefore, I had to do the tribute illustration but I’m not very good with a face even worse at kid faces plus I wanted the little girl to look innocent but manipulative and the mom fragile and distraught. @zoje.stage_author .

The Silent Land Tribute Illustration

Tribute cover for The Silent Land by Graham Joyce, a little different color scheme than what I’ve been doing. But learning the subtle details of snow. I didn’t know what to expect from this book, it’s started on a picturesque vacation and then nature happens. I really liked the montage of exploring the town and eating and drinking, but every story must come to an end. It was full of twists and turns.

Cold Storage Tribute Illustration

Cold Storage tribute illustration, I’ve been really enjoying all the books so far and my favorites are getting a tribute illustration as a review. But this book had me right from the start, this book had science, well kind of, this book had it all for me at least, Zombies (kind of, but not enough) science, underground stuff (caving would have been better), black-ops projects, cordyceps and romance (also kind of). Really enjoyed it.

The Boatman’s Daughter Tribute Illustration

Tribute Illustrations for Boatman’s Daughter, this was great it had, lore, witchcraft, drug-running, and swamps. This illustration is based on a jar that is found in the book, plus a couple of the elements related to it, I really wanted to create a way to show how the church and the objects were inside the liquid, done by exploring different color shades in a monotone palette.

The Toll Tribute Illustration

Tribute illustration for “The Toll” an awesome book by Cherie Priest. I’ve found a good rhythm between reading and illustrating, but there always a lot of other things to do in between. The goal for this year is to read 40 books so I’ll keep doing illustration here and there for these books, it’s a way of reviewing books but in a visual form.

The Shinning Girls Tribute Illustration

Tribute book cover for “the shining girls” a book by laurenbeuke , this was such a great book fast paced based in Chicago, freaking solid. Serial Killer with some special talents and the bad ass chick young lady that takes him down.

Broken Monsters Tribute Illustration

Tribute cover for Broken Monster an awesome thrilling book by Lauren Beukes. This book has some gnarly scenes, and instead of just recreation that scenes I went into a different direction, kinda before the tragedy starts with the deer, the book takes place in Detroit. Read this book.

The Twisted Ones Tribute Illustration

Tribute book Cover for “The Twisted Ones” by T. Kingfisher.  This book had a twist on the classic tale of folk/fairy tale, with a mix of modern life, secret societies, a hoarders dream, and really cool creatures.
I’ve been really enjoying this illustration exploration, and it’s a way for me to; number 1, read more, I have a 40 book goal this year, number 2, express my interpretation of the content of the book. It’s also a thank you to the author for their kick-ass story.

Violet Tribute Illustration

Horror Book Cover exercise inspired by Violet a novel by Thomas Scott. Violet is a story about a woman trying to figure her life out after going through a tragic event and going back to the cabin where she grew up in the hills of Kansas. She then starts to remember the stories of her youth and the moments she didn’t remember, little by little everything comes back together and her daughter starts to see the imaginary friends she had once as a child, one of the creepiest books I have read.

Kill Creek Tribute Illustration

Horror Book Cover exercise inspired by Kill Creek by Thomas Scott. Kill Creek is a story about 4 authors coming together for a one night only event, except the effects of the meeting don’t stop after the night ends, it follows them back to their homes. I wanted to try a new color scheme. Also as a designer/artist, I have always had a hard time merging both but practice makes, not perfect but confident.